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An ArcNet (short for Archival Network or Architect's Network) is a computing network utilized in Progressivist societies of the Futurist International and the Hallegian Concord, most particularly in the latter. Operating in a much more expansive and unified than standard networks such as SkyCloud and ACS, the Arcnet's primary purpose is to strengthen data uniformity and centralization and heightening information surveillance.

To elaborate, the ArcNets connects all systems compatible with a server within its reach. Because of this, ArcNets are used within the frontier regions as a way for oversight and administration.


First conceptualized by engineer Peratolo Morvantes in 2023.


The Arcnet is mainly available to devices that are compatible. However, standard networks have the ability to access or make connections to the ArcNet through proxy/translator server (though more recent iterations of SkyCloud, based on the ArcNet in terms of infrastructure design, has easy connection with ArcNet)

Accreditation Ranking

The ArcNet's public infrastructure is caste-based, meaning it limits services based on a person's Accreditation Levels.

Comparison with other Networks