Ascendancy War

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The Ascendancy War, known in the Metharian as the Second Catastrophe (itkasing, hapukhon hetarin) is a multilateral conflict that lasted from 2029 to 2038. While its origins was grounded on mundane political tensions between the Great Powers of the time, it was defined by the sudden entrance and rampage of a large thaumic entity (referred to as Tatuvaki by the Metharians) in the first half of the war. The rest of the war's duration thus became directed to the destruction of the entity, which was successfully defeated in Lavratian 3, 2033.

The War has since been recorded as the most expansive, expensive, deadly and destructive in recorded history, with the toll of casualties amounting to an estimated 2% of the world population at the time (87 million deaths from 2-3 billion) from the first phase alone. The war was also known for the most extensive usage of thavma than any other preceding conflict in history, which has seriously affected the thaumic field's natural activity for about 40 years. The level of devastation and


Prelude to war

  • elven-human violence and the coming

Early phase (2029-2034)

The Red Tide of Palatinism and the Velvet Tide of Progressivism, the "Great Vengeance" of the Xiangkhur, the Thamne steppe uprising,

Second phase (2034-38)

Tatuvaaki ascendant.