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The Calvore (Calvour) is an alcoholic and stimulating beverage made from pineux juice and aloe sap. Originating in the Sacre-Dordonne province in northern Victoriala, the drink has become widely known throughout the world for its subtly tangy, viscuous texture, honeylike sweetness and often psychedelic properties. It has been compared to the Othaic Mead and has become a popular substitute for Palm wine in the religious rites of overseas Orissian Elves.

The most popular brands of Calvore right now include the Victorialan La Boffe and Cavaliere Belle, the Orissian Khyangten and the Northlander Capena's Tears.



First-time drinkers of Calvore tend to have heavy psychedelic experiences after a full glass. Other sensations include a fuller feeling of nourishment and calm, along with slight temporary delusions.


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