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In the Latiophone Frontiers, a garden (Carmelian chevou or alice, Nolavine alsus, Telancrine kiro) is a form of mago-criminal organization primarily engaged in illegal trade, robbery, contraband distribution, blackbetting, political corruption, extortion, alegal security, human trafficking, prostitution. They coexisted (in varying degrees) with the Xiangkhur secthouses and local petty gangs, the latter usually used as proxy for settling disputes and conflict between other gardens and secthouses. The gardens are big tent organizations open to all regardless of race, sex, creed or gender.

The gardens were notable for being among the first organizations to have expanded at an unprecedented rate, such that it operated through many facets of Lavinian Mespassia's social fabric that it comprised the region's "underground" (the Gangster Age). Their growth was so fast and great that it became notorious during the 20th to 21st centuries vae. when their activities have expanded even to Elven lands and western Antraea. Today, most gardens such as the Victorialan Asters, have reserved their operations to the economically developed parts of the Frontiers, some even becoming legitimate organizations, such as the Daisies.

["As vicious as elves"]

Gardens were originally created as mutual aid groups and common security amongst impoverished and marginalized families. Initially restricted to Amatorians...