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Futurist State of Kontinovad
Telväsiéñ parkãten Kyntavãt (Kontic)
Motto: Öpvant kesan núsmános
Valiant towards our ascension
Anthem: Parkãten kiral
March of the State
Location of Kontinovad (Purple) within the Antraean Futurist Covenance (light purple)
Location of Kontinovad (Purple) within the Antraean Futurist Covenance (light purple)
Map of Kontinovad
Map of Kontinovad
Capital Kervren
Largest Meñik
Official languages Kontic
Demonym Kontine (katinavak)
Government Technocratic Futurist state
Kevén Kunbelen
Łok Eleset
Fía Erdemel
Mav Abridu
Ken Sérek
Legislature Plenary Function
• Revolution
• ????
Currency Kartis

Kontinovad (katinava), officially the Futurist State of Kontinovad (Kontic: Telväsiéñ parkãten Kyntavãt), sometimes the Unified State (Parkãtendev), is a Futurist state in northern Antraea. Officially and legally, the Union State is an associated constituent of the globe-spanning Futurist Communion, which Kontinovad is a founder of. It is bordered by (in no particular order) by Asvanir, Brailannur, Norgavria, Prevna Patrea, Ayhartaa, and the Bazgriyan Neutral Trade Zone, the two latter in which corporations and guilds aligned to the Progressive Community (and in turn the Futurist Communion and the Union State) are particular investors to. It is coasts takes up the eastern bulk of the Uravian Sea, a part of the northern Aldermic Ocean. Most of Kontinovad borders between boreal, plains and temperate biomes but not tundra, being geographically separated from Bazgriya by the Kulaaiven mountains as a barrier, keeping the Azharic frost from fully overtaking the country.

A Futurist technocratic state founded on the Lefrinist model of development, Kontinovad is structured along the lines of bureaucracy. Citizens are classed along the lines of their mental capacity (ŝekev) in which people in the Student and Administrative castes have eligibility towards government service. Save for the wholly-advisory Plenary Function, there is no formal popular participation in government. There is an active curtailing of social and political freedoms under XXX. This, coupled with the deep secrecy surrounding the higher levels of the bureaucratic government on state policy has made Kontinovad the "least free" amongst the powers of the Conditary world.

Kontinovad was born out of the Holy Vanar, which was during its final years marked by oppressive and authoritarian policies under the Markan Regency which was overthrown in the 2019 Vanarian Revolution. The Revolutionary government, initially led by Novatists, were usurped by Futurists in a coup d'état, supported by nationalist elements, turning the nation into a technocracy. Kontinovad rapidly shifted from an undeveloped backwater to an advanced society focused towards scientific development and industrialized self sufficiency under the 4-year plans of Kolta Evrek. However, Evrek would be purged by the more radical elements of the Futurist state body and would be supplanted by the Futurist Revision of Idan Akrane, a massive societal undertaking to "accelerate and purify" Kontine society to the Futurist ideal. The Revision would prove disastrous, becoming marked with resource shortages, state-sponsored violence, and extreme authoritarianism (a tendency that would be described as "Revisionist") in later times. The Revision would only end until the Ascendancy War (2044), with the death of Ridek and his replacement by the collective Directorate.

The Union State, as a leading figure within the Progressive Community and the Conditary World, with great technological and military capability, is considered to be a Great Power. Futurist Kontinovad together with the Modernist Cassia make up the progressivist bloc of the Conditary world.


  • kentel-aber > *kent sin avar > kati un avod > kontinovum > katinavad


Kontinovad officially follows the ideology of Futurism, specifically Lefrinism, which forms the basis of modern Kontine administration. The government of Kontinovad is outlined and defined through the Articles of Structure. Revised in 2078, it outlines the Union State as a federated peritorial republic, where participation government is only open to people with technical credentials approved through a standardized examination system.

The Admagistratum

Main article: Admagistratum

The central government of Kontinovad is the State Magistrate (kartatasnak), a formal body of commissions and ministries that manages and directs the country according to Futurist lines. The Admagistratum predominantly coordinates statewide economy, manages first tier administrative affairs and outlines state policy through careful planning and analysis. It is divided into two orders: the executive Directorate (taspeterek), a formally seven-member body and the Functionary Plenum of government (also known as functions) which analyze and handle specific necessities of the Commonwealth. Below the Directorate is the Functionary Plenum (vetemetesfany). The Functionary Plenum is a body formed as a separate "further analytical function" that reviews, amends state policy, de facto making it as the main legislative arm of the Admagistratum. Appointed by the State for their specialties in specific scientific, thaumaturgic and analytical fields, it consists of 150 Local Functionaries (appointed from Area Community apparatus as representatives) and 150 Expert Functionaries (appointed based solely on technical expertise, focused on statewide policies). On special cases the Plenum also serves as a central court of law, nominally handled by expert functionaries in law, judging major issues under basis of the Articles of Structure.

Administrative divisions

The Union State's administration is handled through by a three tier system, and (with the exception of the second tier) are politically structured like the Admagistratum, their central bodies referred to as Local Apparatus. The first tier are the Community Areas (penteredek) that serves as the primary concentrators of social and economic activity of their designated localities. They are the primary concern of the Admagistratum itself. Below them, the second tier are the Prefectures (tered), which is based less on administrative and more on security lines, created to efficiently manage the State Security Forces in the country. In finality, the nominally self-managing Urbanates (terev), Agrinates (tur) and Settlement Clusters (nekterev), the primary center of industrial and social activity. They answer to Community Area apparatus.

(urbanates or agrinates tend to be giant structures in itself, residential-industrial precints)

The capital, Kerveren is the only urbanate exempt from this system, being handled directly by the Magistrate itself under the special State Function of Stolar Management.


Kontinovad's economy is a corporatist model based on centralized coordination of the economy. Cyberplanning.

[corporations dominate industry, in cahoots with state]

[a la china/fascist productivism, state-directed capitalism?]

[Open trade with Conditary world sans the Novatists for some reason]

[Major industrial powerhouse — does much of the conditary world's consumer products]