Lemno Kurvene

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Lemno Kurvene
Born Lemno Kurvene Thefrine
12 Deceres 1896
Parathe, Velecia
Died 21 Amotrian 2051 (age 155)
Esivun, Serean Commune
Nationality Velecian
Citizenship Velecia
Alma mater Nexedrine Academy
Known for Standardizing Conditary thaumatology
Evolutionary biology
Awards Honorary Scholar, Arkon
Master, Torch Enlightened
Scientific career
Fields Biothaumatology
Institutions Nexedrine Academy
Arvaktarv Instructory

Lemno Curvene Thefrine (Kaivic Lemnú Kýrvenë θefrinë; 12 Deceres 1876—21 Amotrian 1981) was a Thelancra-Velecian scientist and biothaumist. He was responsible for the standardization of the practice and inquiry of the Conditary school. He was also a pioneer in evolutionary biology particularly in regards to the development and early migration of various human races (Kurvenas model of thauma-evolutionary divergence). He was also the first Conditary scientist to posit (and later experiment) on Soul-alteration.