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Radiant Court of the Lion
Cici'ay Takuku'an Mau
Flag of Min
Location of Min (pink) within the Scarlet Dragon (light pink)
Location of Min (pink) within the Scarlet Dragon (light pink)
Capital Mautan
Largest city Ajang
Official languages Pala
Demonym Min
Government Scarlet Dragon
Paucine Clerical Regency
• Ati
Qiay II
Legislature Radiant Court
Currency Plao (PLO)
Driving side left
Calling code +001
Internet TLD .mn

Min, officially the Radiant Court of the Lion (Pala Fayaoay Takuku'an Mau) is a sovereign state in Western Orissia, bordered northward by Kohonara, southward by Ganamaung, and westward by Siriyan, which, like them, are part of the Scarlet Dragon. It is surrounded north and east by the Elven lands, particularly the domains of the Xiang Khuays and the Telancrine Dorje clans. Its capital, Mautan is located at its western coast, in the Krauzoay isthmus. Aside from that isthmus, Min is heavily forested and topographically shielded from Orissia proper through the Kurusans.

Min, in sharp contrast to its human neighbors, sports a matriarchal and matrilineal society not unlike the Lavinians and their descendants. It head royalty, the Ati is required to be female, being the reincarnation of the legendary saint and demigod Si Khanong.