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Nolavine (Lavinéus Caterdalis) is a constructed register of the classical Lavinian language. Initially a Tartessan Novatist project to overhaul the education system the populace's proficiency in classical philosophy, Nolavine eventually became the formal language of state in Tartessa, and in turn the Novatist International. Due to its ubiquity and its relative ease, it has become a lingua franca

Generally, Nolavine is pretty much a more basic and simplified form of Lavinian language to reflect the development of the Vulgar Lavinate dialects of modern East Antraea. Primarily, Nolavine reduced much of Lavinian's inflections (thus in turn reducing conjugations and declensions), depending instead on prepositions and articles to form a coherent line of thought.



General SOV order, simplified case system compared to classical lavinian...