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A noumen (Nolavine: lauka, Arvonnic: annaten), in thaumatology is an entity or spark that serves as the extension of a person's Soul or Consciousness. Depending on the thaumatological tradition, a noumen could either be a separate half of an individual soul (as in the Othaic tradition), an inseparable manifestation of consciousness (as in the Elven and Lavinian esoterica) or an otherworldly companion and guardian (as in the Imalea and Tacanian traditions). A common ground for these definitions point towards on spiritual companionship.

Noumenae, according to Conditary studies are extended manifestations of thavma that are left over from the formation of the soul. The extent and ability of noumenae depend on the individual's potency and affinity with thavma.


The English terms Noumen are derived from earlier analyses of Foriscian esoteric tradition and Conditary thaumatological study. Due to the ubiquity of the phenomenon throughout the Civilized world, societies and magical traditions have their own terms and defined boundaries for noumenae:

Conditary -- annat rauve valka daia

Foriscians -- annaten falkja ämätyns.

Esoterica -- lauka ruva tilai daia

Telancrine -- ka kha khoimon

Xiangkhur/Avarach -- khor khui gung

Imalea -- shana maruk amash dayiv

Tacanias -- asor yakas daya khamra

Southern Bridge -- diwa yakata suruga ampatid

Thamnali -- agir alur

Nakara -- khshtavi oroum

Qualities of noumen

Contrary to popular definitions, noumen are not necessarily other entities, and may be anything that are deeply close to the soul's self. The most common form of noumen (anima) are inherent magical abilities that manifest at a particular point of a person's life, such as extended consciousness. Noumenae are at their fullest extent (genia, full sentience, intelligence and agency) among more attuned individuals. Elves and traditional nobility tend to manifest genia at birth, due to their closer affinity.

Souls can become noumen and noumen can transform into fully-fledged souls. Thaumic affinity can ascend and descend varily and dependent on the individual's sense of self (ex. a spiritually depleted person may have their noumen descend towards lower levels of existence and vice versa).

Noumen, being intrinsically linked to the person's consciousness and being, any infliction and transformation towards the noumen shall be felt by the person and vice versa. This particular quality has been utilized in indirect soul-slteration.

Levels of noumen

  • Annat - most basic form
  • Rauve/Valka - Expanded anima, may manifest at will. Extension of the self and used in combat. Also known as fersu (Cannonian mask).
  • Daia - Fully separate personalities, commonly manifest as solid entities. Usually of the opposite biological sex of the person. Most genia take form as animals or plants, but sometimes manifest as creatures existent within the person's mind (koimon sofon, daia ketrva). It also manifests as different separate selves, usually through linking (see Heavenly Apostles and Elven hiving)

Atraposophical interpretations

Noumenae in Abhorred Magic

Noumenae are common participants in the soul-alteration rituals, particularly self-inflicted.

In history

Renowned genia

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