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  • realistically countries don't call themselves "unified tribes" or something like that, they just call themselves something else since they didn't really care about their identity as a tribal confederation
  • Kashran would've been an area of significant religious prominence—the appellation of istana is reserved to the holiest and most important cities
  • being an istanic polity (empire?), it would have more credence as an institution. The world map places Kashran as a powerful polity alongside Qavandeht and Arazan (el-qasr el-avati)
  • what language is this? (The map intended a sort of afro Asiatic language but more Nubian)
  • so far it's still an open book though, and I want to see how you can take a spin on this. Just note the stuff above, quod scripsi scripsi and all that. Rajavlitra (talk) 01:11, 6 August 2018 (UTC)