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Kellish Publicate
Kellis Folkesrick (Kelsh)
Kellisc Folkesrick (English)
Motto: ???
Anthem: ???
Location of Kelles
Location of Kelles
Map of Kelles
Map of Kelles
and largest city
Official languages
Ethnic groups (2123) ???
Demonym ???
Government Modernist directorial cameral publicate
??? ???
Legislature Forgaitherin
• ???
• ???
• ???
• 2123 estimate
• 2123 census
Driving side left
Internet TLD ???

Kelles, officially the Kellish Publicate (Kelsh: Kellis Folkesrick; English: Kellisc Folkesrick), is a landlocked sovereign state in western Antrecia, bordering Fordmark to the north, Pantaleimona to the east, Novaregno to the south, and Englemark to the west. Covering ???, Kelles is the fourth-smallest country in Antrecia. [Geography.]. Kelles has a population of ? million, the ?-largest populace in the world and the ?-largest in Antrecia.

A modernist directorial cameral publicate, Kelles is a progressive republic, the unicameral Forgaitherin serving as its legislature. The capital and largest city of Kelles is Dunhame, with a population of ? million. The head of government is the Foreseldman, since ???? ??? ???, and the collective head of state is the seven-member Directoriat. A unitary state, Kelles is divided into ??? shires, in addition to two autonomous regions known as lands. […]

Inhabited by Achmennic peoples since ??? and modern humans since ???, [...]

[History – second paragraph.]

[...], Kelles is bilingual, Kelsh and English sharing official language status. [...]. Kelles has been a member of the ??? since ????. [...]



Local governance