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Language policy

  • adia uses conlangs and rarely used languages for worldbuilding reasons but for the purposes of /variations/ we'll keep the original policy intact.
    • portraying this in the wiki though (supposedly an english translation of an "in-world" source) means we'll gonna supply both the english version and a native language translation of every single relevant topic.

To Do

  • Massive overhaul

Some world ideas

  • The Trans-Bazgrian Railway
  • The Skyweb
  • Centaurs with guns
  • Airshiplines (Flagship companies coming from trade consortiums?)
  • Extendable rifles.
    • Hallegian weapons looking like mountaineering equipment
  • South companies - actual corporations | North companies - cooperatives, federations, trade consortiums
  • akvosamonë (ekwohemone) — bazgriyan human endonym

The Ten Prophets

  • Navābadam, the enlightened, the liberated, speaker of truths
  • Betulajaad, the upright, the ardent keeper, the studious
  • Elsadiq, the palace of Avati, abode of compassion
  • Kakhavanur, the wise lady, the soothsayer, advisor to sovereigns
  • Anat ak-Khadad, warrior of heaven, diligent disciple
  • Akranisrah, teacher of vigilance, speaker of statecraft
  • Imadara, the second soothsayer, inaugurator of the surikhvi
  • Benhegir, he who rose above adversity, first autotranscendental
  • ???
  • Tavatnairah, the last one

Months and time


  • The Gregorian/Roman/Julian calendar is used worldwide due to its widespread usage in Europe after the fall of Rome, its original user. Who will propagate this calendar and why? (Needed for months and shit)
  • Adian rotation time is exactly 24 hours. 360 days a year. Note other cultures use their own calendar.

Timeframe, current year

  • Note technological levels tend to be anachronistic, develooments could go parallel. What one does not have, the other do.
  • Most advanced would look like 2012 and 2015 Microsoft Future vision. WITH FUCKING AIRSHIPS
  • Old Tartessa (Regnate, Dominate) didn't really destroy itself and went forgotten like Rome, however it did politically disintegrate into lesser polities. Would progress be different?
  • Note: dating system is 107 years early (107 BC = 0/1 Ag). What's our starting point (year zero)?
  • Veta Ætate and Nova Ætate.

Four Races of Adia


  • existing since Hyratian Age (evolved from Ponticopithecines)
  • First recorded existence (legends and historical data) point to Bazgria
  • Dominant race
  • Variants (anthropological divisions according to in-world)
    • Cashani (Negroid/Australoid), most magic-attuned. Primary range in southern Entalaun, Bazgriya and Northern Bridgelands.
    • Boreanic (Caucasian-Siberian-Indian-Semitic), least-magic attuned but most analytical. primary range in Antrecia, Ayhartaa, Entalaun.
    • Amacine/Eressian (Austronesian/Native American), second most magic attuned. Primary range southern Bridgelands, northern Pellasor


  • Existing since Mid-Hyratian age (split from Humans through Thaumic mutation), Lunar patronage. Vampiric-carnivorous (through varorun or baorang)
  • Traditional range Essia.
  • Second most populous, communitarian-interrelationistic (clan before individual). Most magic-attuned race. (Asiatic-Native American-Turkic). Carnivorous. (See vairakhta)
  • Variants
    • Black/Apelitian Elves (Lancra Apelitani, East Asian-Turkic, Xiangkhur)
    • White/Zephyric Elves (Lancra Zefeni, European-Turkic-ME, Telancri)
    • Flower/Plateau Elves (Lancra Foereni, Mongol-Tungus-Aleut, Avarach/Abaragha). Major ancestry of the Hallegians.


  • Split from humans late Hyratian age, Thaumic mutation/symbiosis.
  • Interrelationistic-Communitarian behavior (Individual before herd). Primarily herbivorous (still omnivorous). Least magic attuned race.
  • Variants
    • Xebrayas (Evuntrus Caigani), North Pontic-Zebras. Martial behavior, half-sedentary. South Bazgriyan-North Bridgelands. Some populations assimilated to Bhagavarda cultures.
    • Equan (Evuntrus Agrupani), Classical centaurs. Nomadic. Bazgriyan-Entalaun. Interrelationistic.
    • Bear-Cat (Evuntrus Cassuni), Big cat centaurs. Communal. North Bridgelands-Entalaun. Predominantly pastoral in modern day.
    • Sylphs/Fae (Evuntrus Auhari), sphinx-like creatures, Hive/Nomadic. Mesosphere-stratosphere. Apparently herds migratory birds for food.


  • earliest known divergent species, known to have diverged early Hyratian age. Soul alteration, possibly descended from (a) the plateau elves (avarachia/abaragha) or (b) austronesian humans.
  • Traditional range the Metharian (particularly north and west regions), though some populations have passed through the Calvarus Strait and now roam the Glade sea and Boreal ocean. Some reached the Parethian and Ercian seas through river systems.
  • Continuous contact with human-elven societies, ranging from raids, wars, diplomatic relations, intermarriages, etc.
  • aquatic, communitarian-interrelationistic (band before individual). Carnivorous.
  • Snake-fish hybrid.
    • Nakkara/Najanta (Campora Metalana), more snakelike, amphibious. Territorial and political. Metharia.
    • Sirena/Marana (Campora Ercoparethiana), more fishlike, purely aquatic. Affinity-based society, Parethian and East-Borian oceans.

Other species considered as either on any of the four

  • Therianthropes (considered human/centaur offshoots)
  • Thericephalines (sometimes considered a "fifth race", sometimes a human offshoot by way of thaumic mutation. not really considered a species due to its artificial evolution. includes minotaurs, tikbalangs)


Western Standard

Used by the Foriscian West and environs. 8 months, 4 weeks, 8 days.