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Devacakara is the dominant religion in the lower Bridgelands and southern Essia, spanning from Dutarana to XXX. It believes in a fucked up pantheon and cosmology and a mythology of lolhuge comparison. It syncretized with the traditional religion in Essia so hard it became its own religion, Tenkyo.

Devacakaran pantheon

Devacakaran pantheon differs from place to place, though there are common shit that they have, like gods, a hierarchy and their interactions with humanity.

Types of Gods

  • Trayatrimsatava - gods of the sky.
  • Tathatava - gods of wisdom and enlightenment
  • Agamanitava - Gods of the fire, the elements and passion of all sentient life.
  • Kanantratava - Gods of the ocean, the calm moon and the cultivation of sacred energy through meditation.
  • Nagaratava - Gods of the city, protectors of communities and the symbol of the unity of groups.
  • Prithawatava - Gods of the land, keepers of natural sanctity and shit.

The Eight Great Deities

  • Sakrayava - Zeus lmao
  • Parthavai - Moon
  • Adaityana - sun (contributed to Adathism?)
  • Ashradewa - rage
  • Mahakajai
  • Varuvatra
  • Ukkhantra
  • Kandalini

The Tathagasavyam

The enlightened ones, bringer of spiritual wisdom and cultivator of spiritual divinity. Worshipped mainly by ascetics, scholars, monastics and "travelling schools". Known as the "Golden Ones".

  • Ājagana - an Agamanitava that represents the valiance to overcome fear, ignorance, delusion and emotional problems.
  • Bamaprīhi
  • Aryușiri
  • Kanharaniștra - A Prithavatava representing harmony and mercy, embodying individual initiative to perform good unto others and help the downtrodden to reach a heightened state of existence.
  • Bodhayāntra
  • Padmarupakti
  • Șuganasathā
  • Kangāvajrana
  • Uștahmani
  • Cintamadēva
  • Șakragārena
  • Thagayāșri
  • Konabharai

The Trayatrevanam

The born ones, already gods before someone went full Buddha on heaven's asses. They were named after the heavenly realm they are into, Trayatrevihara. Worshipped by the traditional establishment, representations of the many aspects of this world's version of Dharma. They were the classical keepers of order and the polar opposite of the Tathagasavyam.

  • Vatara
  • Ragaupadi
  • Bagahari
  • Harimau
  • Mahari
  • Tara Sewi
  • Adiyaraki
  • Damagan
  • Mahamanuk
  • Mā Kinaya
  • Linggayam