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If you're searching for the in-character article, look for the Adia Project.

adia.project is a worldbuilding/art project I've been working on time to time. It serves mainly as a personal exercise in creative writing and design. This wiki is supposed to be a repository and playground for various ideas propped up by my brain.

General Setting

This wiki is set in the planet of (cough) Adia, an intended (as of the time of writing) semi-scifi-semi-fantasy world. Defined mainly by division and relative diversity, the world of Adia is a thriving, but anxious one. Despite advancements in both physical and magical technologies, the benefits of such are not as spread out, with powers competing for dominance or survival in a planet classified between two global blocs: the Traditionalists and the Conditaries. This division has led to a degree of enclosure among these different civilizations, whose mix of profit motives and mutual distaste has gifted the world a relative peace.

Such division has never been more apparent in the obvious diversity of race--identities and lineages that reach back to a more ancient, golden age, the world has been divided on all fronts between humans, elves, mermaids and centaurs who rule their own corners of the world. Unlike our world, whose dominance of humanity over the world has brought significant consequences to the planet, squabbles between the world's wary civilizations has impeded their expansion throughout every corner of Adia. Thus, despite their claimed dominion over the land, much of the world is still unexplored and untouched. This, and the lack of globalization and spotty cosmopolitanism has made the world (to its inhabitants) a still vast and new frontier yet to be known.

Techonolgially, Adia is a mixed bag, with parts of the world being roughly more advanced or scifi-ish than us (green technology, magic reactors, railguns, those slick future cars and hyperloops, etc), to dirt-poor primitive backwaters akin to medieval Mongolia or the Amazon. Giant trains spanning continents, reactor-powered airships reaching the other side of the world by hours (impeded only by borders), advanced spacecraft and cable-less computer networks coexist with wands, alchemical diagrams, and meta-cosmic shamanism. In addition, fantastic beasts both invented and ancient thrive in remote regions of the world, where sapient life has found them a great use and a fascinating exotic. All while gods silently watch them unfold in the greater scheme of things.

Look, it's a magic ass pulp planet


Who are you?

i'm a twentysomething who draws for food.

Why are you doing this?

why not

Wait, you do art?

i also take commissions